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About the Library

About the Library:
The Tamil Nadu Public Libraries Act, 1948 provides the creation of the Local Library authorities for each District. The objective of the department of Public Libraries is to render best library service to the greatest number at the least cost. The main duty of the library is for providing library service to the public.

Public Library:
District Central Library, Ariyalur is functioning under the Control of the Directorate of Public Libraries, Chennai.
The following libraries are functioning in the Ariyalur District.
Name of the District : Ariyalur
Total Number of Libraries : 33
DCL : 01
Number of Branch Libraries : 13
Number of Village Libraries : 15
Number of Part-time Libraries : 4
Total : 33

Postal Address:
District Central Library,
Market Street,
Near Bus-Stand,

Friday Weekly holiday
Second Saturday and their Government holidays.

Citizen Character:
Ways of attaining benefits
Public can read Books, Newspaper and periodical etc.,
For Lending Books from the Library, they have to enroll as member. For enrolling membership the following payments to be made.
  • Annual Subscription: Rs.10/-
  • Caution deposit for One token: Rs.20/-
  • Caution deposit for Two token: Rs.40/-
  • Caution deposit for Three token: RS.50/-

Subscription to be paid every year.
For enrollment of membership, prescribed application form can be obtained from the Librarian duly filled and submit the same.

Services and Programmes
The following are the main services in the District Central Library, Tiruchirappalli.
  • Lending Service.
  • Reference Service.
  • Linkage of the Schools.
  • Xerox facility.
  • Adding Latest Books to the Libraries.
  • Encouraging every educated person to become a member of the library.
  • Civil Service Section.
  • Children, Women and Aged members Reading Section.